Welcome San Jose Groupon Customers

This Groupon is limited to residents of San Jose only!  And a limit one per address.

We have included this link to better assist you with your Groupon experience


The following are the most are the FAQs

What can I dispose discard?.

Answer anything legally permitted by landfill with the following restrictions for the Groupon offer.

Carpet, Tires, TVŐs, Upholstered furniture, mattresses, rock, dirt, cement, brick, items over 50lbs and any hazardous materials.(see Santa Clara County hazardous waste website for full listing. Other restrictions may apply.


Driver will be able to answer any question you may have on allowable material pickup day. 


Why limitations?    

These items have a separate or different per each fee at landfill and some require Environmental or E-waste forms be filled out prior to disposal.


Tax and Fees

Our city landfill charges tax and fuel adders and land use fees on all disposal materials. There for we must collect these fees from our customers as well. One your scheduled date the driver will collect this as a separate balance due. You may pay by check or cash.     


All standard Dump Runners terms and conditions apply